Updating ipod touch

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That being said, with decisions like this, requiring an army of dongles/adapters on the new Mac Books, nerfing the volume of keyboard clicks to almost inaudible levels, and other "odd" decisions they have made recently, Apple is making me seriously reconsider investing in future iterations of their devices.

Upgrades to hardware and software are supposed to improve things, not make them worse.

The new i OS 10 was unveiled at WWDC 2016 and a public beta became available at July 7.

Many users have downloaded and installed it on their i Phone/i Pad/i Pod to have a try.

We’re going to cover a variety of troubleshooting tricks to fix the syncing problem here, try each in descending order until the problem is resolved.

for i OS – Best i Phone Content Manager This professional i OS data manager can always put your important data in the right place.

Just give it a free try to backup your device before installing i OS 10.

The i Tunes software no longer manages tones for you, but it still lets you inspect which tones are in your phone (see screenshot above).

I got my custom ringtones back by doing the following:1) Using finder, locate the files in the folder "Tones" under where my i Tunes media library is stored2) From within i Tunes, with my i Phone connected, select "Tones" under "On My Device" (screenshot above)3) Drag the files from (1) onto the blank area in (2) to copy them onto the phone:4) Click "sync".5) From my i Phone, choose Settings - Ringtone: confirm that the missing custom ringtones have been restored and that my default ringtone has been automatically set back to the (now no longer missing) custom ringtone it used to have.

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