Updating maps tomtom 6 ipaq

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I picked up a cheap Ipaq 312 and done some searching but cant locate an updated map for, waiting on a new battery to arrive and once i get it will it be as easy as working out what software it runs and then find a compatible map ?

Ok, never to late to learn But in any case it should be sufficient to get the device going and use other software like IGO.

I know not one forum with a GPS software for HP devices, so I have to assume they use something simple like IGO.

In the end it all goes down to a CE system and a skin that offers to start a navigation software.

The One XL has a SD card slot, is there a way I can update Maps and/or Software on this device using an SD card ? You would need to use a card reader to insert the Sd card in and then you could copy new maps onto it and use the easy activator to activate the maps.

If your computer does not have a card reader, you will need an external card reader.

Tom Tom HOME starts automatically when the memory card is seen by the computer. If Tom Tom HOME does not start, check to make sure that your card reader supports SD-HC cards.

After inserting the memory card, Tom Tom HOME recognizes your navigation device.

Yes, i believe it runs igo but will confirm once the new battery arrives and if thats the case an updated map should be easy to load i assume.

Did some googling and it uses HP branded nav n go software .

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