Updating resume after graduation

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For a recent employment gap, consider these strategies to make it less front-and-center on the document. Use Dates to Cover up the Gap When listing dates on your resume, you don't need to list the month/year if you were in a position for over a year or if your position spans multiple years.

For example, you could say 2015 - 2017 (rather than May 2015 - August 2017) for a position.

It depends on the situation and what you did while you weren't employed.

If the gap was in the past, and you've been employed since it occurred, you don't need to call it out on your resume.

In other cases, your time off from work may occur because you were laid off or fired and it took time to find a new job.

What is the best way to explain an employment gap on your resume and during a job interview?

Consider a Different Resume Format You can format your resume to minimize the visibility of gaps in your employment history.

For example, you can put the dates in plain font instead of bold.

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Here's an example of how that can look: Store Manager, XYZ Store2017 - Present Sales Associate, ABC Store2015 – 2017As you can see, the resume doesn't specifically say when the candidate started and ended employment, which can cover a brief employment gap.

If you took time off to deal with a particular issue like caring for a sick relative or completing coursework and are ready to return to full-time employment, make it clear that the reason for your time off from the workforce has been resolved.

If you were laid off due to a workforce contraction, it would be important to provide any evidence of strong performance as you explain the circumstances surrounding the downsizing.

Whenever possible, secure recommendations from supervisors, colleagues, and customers confirming your competence.

Incorporate these into your Linked In profile when feasible.

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