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The second method is to click in the script pane (the top pane of the Power Shell ISE) and scroll down to the bottom of the script.Highlight the command listed above, and then right click it and then click Run Selection or press F8 on the keyboard.In this document, you learned how to encrypt an Azure Virtual Machine.A global stock game needs to support a global audience!Regardless of the method you use, a dialog box will appear informing you that it will take 10-15 minutes for the operation to complete. While the encryption process is taking place, you can return to the Azure Portal and see the status of the virtual machine.On the left side of the page, click Virtual Machines, then in the Virtual Machines blade, click the name of the virtual machine you’re encrypting. When the script completes, you’ll see what appears in the figure below.

If your virtual machine is located in the same Resource Group as your Key Vault, you can move on to the encryption steps section.The goal of this document is to enable you to encrypt your virtual machines, even if you have little or no background in Azure Power Shell.This document assumes you are using Windows 10 as the client machine from which you will configure Azure Disk Encryption.Note The information in this document applies to encrypting virtual machines without using a Key Encryption Key (which is required for backing up virtual machines using Azure Backup).Please see the article Azure Disk Encryption for Windows and Linux Azure Virtual Machines for information on how to use a Key Encryption Key to support Azure Backup for encrypted Azure Virtual Machines.

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