Updating wills radiological dating of fractures

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Unfortunately, on occasion, there are "will contests" and other disputes involving the validity, interpretation or administration of a will, probate or trust.

We are experienced at representing personal representatives (executors) of estates, trustees and beneficiaries in these matters.

Wills are devices you can use to provide for the distribution of your estate upon your death.

Deciding whether a will or a trust best fits your needs depends on your circumstances and tax laws and we can help you navigate these decisions.

Wills are essential for a multitude of reasons and even those who do not think it is something to worry about in the present should have one. Parents will not have the ability to handle a child's affairs once they reach the age of majority.

A will for a legal adult can avoid problems that will accompany a tragic and unexpected death.

A younger person who had a bare-bones will might purchase a home and do better financially, even if there is never great wealth.

A healthcare directive expresses your wishes regarding artificial life support to terminate or prolong your life if you are unable to communicate your desire.

Wills are not just for those who are wealthy or even moderately comfortable.

Everyone can benefit from a comprehensive and organized estate plan that accounts for all his or her assets and desires.

This is of specific importance if it is the second or third marriage with children in each.

As people age, their needs change as will their financial situation.

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