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Also, the analysis may not have captured other factors affecting regulatory systems, such as poor nutrition or environmental pollution.In addition, because the lingering effects of childhood abuse can be linked to age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, this could, among other things, have an effect on long-term health care costs, the authors pointed out."It is our hope that this will encourage public policy support for early interventions," Carroll said.The "toxic" stress resulting from abuse has been linked to elevated cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and other physical conditions that pose a significant health risk.But research into the physical effects of abuse has so far focused on separate, individual systems rather than on the body as a whole.

Three sub-regions of the hippocampus were between 5.8 and 6.5 per cent smaller in such volunteers, compared with those who reported no maltreatment.The three sub-regions – the dentate gyrus, the cornu ammonis and the subiculum – are all known to be vulnerable to the effects of stress hormones, which probably interfere with the formation of cells and new tissue as the immature brain develops.“These findings support the hypothesis that exposure to early stress in humans, as in other animals, affects hippocampal development,” concludes Teicher’s team.The stunted hippocampi could help explain how childhood stress raises the risk of psychiatric disorders in adulthood, ranging from depression, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder to personality disorders, drug addiction and even suicide.Martin Teicher of Mc Lean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and colleagues used standard questionnaires to reveal which volunteers had suffered abuse as children, and found size differences in regions of the hippocampus through detailed MRI brain scans.

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