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Reflection of feelings is determining the feelings and emotions in a person or client's verbal and body language, and stating (or reflecting) those feelings back to the person.

He doesn't work, eats our food, and just lounges on the couch all day watching television.

Finally, reflecting feelings brings a person awareness of their own concealed or unnoticeable feelings.

Primary emotions like sadness, anger, and happiness are easy for people to discern because they are often the first emotions that are felt.

Just reflecting feelings alone can make a client feel validated, understood, and listened to, and it can even bring awareness to hidden secondary emotions. This can be a relief to a person or client who is struggling with some difficult feelings.

Imagine a man in a Catholic confessional exposing some of his deepest and darkest secrets to a priest: Joe tells his priest, ''I'm married but I have been seeing another woman intimately, and I haven't been able to sleep or eat because keeping this secret is eating me up inside.'' The priest replies, ''You are feeling guilty.'' Joe says, ''Exactly, tremendously guilty.'' In this case, the priest is reflecting Joe's gut-wrenching feeling of guilt, and in effect, this validates and supports Joe's feeling this way.

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