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Old hand, am I right in saying that the code you provided looks at the format only? To be honest, the customs and excise guide book only provided this - it didn't provide any details on what numerical logic constitutes a valid vat number.rather than the logic of the numbering to constitute a valid VAT number...? So it might well be that there is no numerical logic (that's the way I understood it) or, if there is a logic then it wasn't included in their handbook (or I completely missed it).If the VAT number you enter never validates, please try validating it in the URL below.Chances are that either the API is not available or the VAT number you have is not an intra-community one: Since we rely on VIES to validate VAT numbers and are legally obligated to do so, at times VAT validation fails if the API is not available.Validate GBVat Number("GB815382334"); // True is Valid = VAT.Validate GBVat Number("815382334"); // True is Valid = VAT.To validate them, we use the VIES API which is provided by the EU: Hotjar currently only accepts intra-Community VAT numbers which are successfully validated by VIES.Legally we are bound to charge VAT to European customers who do not provide one such VAT number.

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So for example, the VAT number for which is the same as the last two digits: so the VAT number is valid.Wizard pricing is proven to improve sales conversions and customer confidence by constructive up-selling.Control upselling of ‘optional extras’ and ‘related services’ to significantly increase customer spend and profit margins.and I don't just mean field lengths but the actual validity of the numbering structure in the VAT number? David, Here's a T-SQL function that checks european VAT numbers (excluding UK) are formatted correctly.I'd double check the logic as I quickly knocked this up from code.

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