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What people are saying about Vivienne Diane Neal's writings: Just wanted to let you know that I think D for Deception is very well written and seems like it could even be expanded into a much longer story. March 22, 2009 KB Shades of Deception - "Really a fantastic novel. I hope it can be translated into Chinese." December 13, 2009 Achates Very good, wanted to see the story unravels. Makes me wonder too, like the lead character, what on earth happened between the waving of the white handkerchief and her going to the bank to discover her savings gone.January 1, 2010 Buttononesque I enjoyed it, I just thought there could be more to it and be a little longer. Don't know why, but I have a sneaky suspicion the term "hypnotism" is lurking around this story somehow.They will use romance, sex, lust, greed, manipulation, and deceit as preludes to suck unsuspecting men and women out of their life's savings.The Man with the White Handkerchief is a digital short story, (under 600 words) which partook in the Lulu Short Story Contest in 2011.Meet and mingle with English, American, Canadian, Australian, Indian, Asian, South African, Filipino and Spanish single Christians.Born in 1946, Vivienne Diane Neal is a writer, blogger, and an author.

You can learn more about Vo IP service providers by visiting our reviews and comparisons on Next The narrative is about a woman approached by a stranger, asking for directions to a specific street, but she has no recollection as to what took place after that encounter.Wicked Intent, her fourth book, is a fictional short story about a successful businessperson who is planning to marry his self-centered fiancée, but a beautiful stranger sidetracks him.She is a storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, has been writing articles for over twenty years and started penning fictional short stories in 2007.Vivienne gets her story ideas from observing people, places and things and watching true TV court cases and talk shows.

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