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He says it's 99.999% guaranteed adult webcam related charges.

He likely used Paypal/Amazon as a means of paying so it wouldn't show up in his bank statements as any particular website.

I know there's non-consent roleplay out there (of course not saying it's all roleplay unfortunately), and I imagine this is why he's lying and "hiding" his porn activities. If so his porn addiction might be holding us all back from time travel.

Damn still has Pornhub tabs open from back then too! I get that he's not wanting to get into trouble, but really now sir!

ATTENTION : SITE PORNOGRAPHIQUE RESERVE AUX MAJEURS DE PLUS DE 18 ANS Ce site Internet est réservé à un public majeur et averti et est conforme à toutes les règlementations en vigueur.

Il contient des textes, des photos et des vidéos classées X qui peuvent être choquantes pour certaines sensibilités.

That might help if you can monitor what he's spending on, and you'll both have money for when you and he need it. The non-consensual stuff was one of an ex and one of me.

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You mentioned the camera, and that made me think the worst.I only recently found out about the non-consensual stuff.I have found porn from porn hub on his phones, porn in a backpack in the closet, porn DVDs in his drawer, A camera under my bed with an old porn movie he had made in it, Old porn movies he had made in a bag in the garage.Something tells me he probably doesn't clean his search history either.Confirmed by my bf who is thankfully very open with me about his online activity..have an odd relationship, but that's not the topic.

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