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Another reason not to buy the Daily Mail, or the Mail on Sunday.I have refused to read anything by Liz Jones for over a year now, and I am not going to start again, even if you paid me.The other hilarious thing about the Jones woman is that she totally contradicts herself in the public domain, and thinks we are all so thick we won't notice!I heard her on Womans Hour one day and a couple of weeks later wrote an "article" (I wouldn't wipe my backside with them) doing a complete about face on the same subject.Her tweets today have shown her attitude towards it all : D Indeed! It might be interesting, who knows it might get a mention in The Mail on Sunday.I think CB is heading for the status of National Treasure. but I think I'm a compulsive "Liz Jones" reader, it's a sort of horrible facination. Actually some of the stuff that Liz Jones writes is excellent,and I firmly believe her "Diary" is tongue in cheek. I reckon Liz would say we are pathetic lonely bored housewives with nothing better to do than bitch publicly about a poor innocent woman.

Now I just feel sorry for her because she is always complaining about something or someone. Well done for rescuing animals, but please understand your way is not the only way. Trying to really decide what it was and then thought, simplistically, I enjoy CB's immense Joie de Vivre and intelligence. I have to confess i have been addicted to Liz Jone's diary over the years,but she is the most spiteful,ungrateful person to walk the earth.

Just because we dont all want to look like tarts, what gives her the right to stick her nose in! She isn't the only failed journalist who ended up at the bottom of the ladder, again.

Strange how the mail seems to attract them, isn't it? Liz Jones makes her living being spiteful about everyone and anyone who doesn't fit her 'ideals'.

Nothing is ever good enough,and then she moves to the country having bought the country pile,then expects the locals to change the ways of centuries to fit in with her bizarre beliefs about animal welfare.

Does she really think farmers keep stock as field ornaments?

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