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Because it's the tools of a working man's trade, it's not so important.

It's an absolute plague.'It's a class crime and the law system, predominately upper class, doesn't care to do enough.' Knowles' comments come after volunteer Paul Matson was left in tears when he realised his tools had been lifted from his van earlier this month.

It's an absolute plague'Mr Matson, a volunteer on DIY SOS - which renovates homes for hard-hit families - was heading out in Hessle, near Hull, East Yorkshire, when he spotted the theft.

Mr Matson, 55, was left 'crying on his doorstep' when he realised his tools had been stolen by thieves, despite an alarm system on his van.

The host made the comments after a worker, who volunteered on the popular BBC 1 show, had thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen from his van earlier this month.

Knowles said that by letting criminals 'off with a £60 fine' is 'damaging' to working-class families.

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