Who is dustin lance black dating

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Two burglars broke in and took over and were robbing him blind... and impish catburglar ALISON REY was really enjoying herself!

and one of the burglars just wouldn't leave him alone! [April 2] DUSTIN DARING found his situation even more dire as he waited bound and gagged in the middle of nowhere.

Soon Dustin is taken to the great outdoors still tied, still gagged and wondering how he'll ever escape his vile captor!

All bad things must come to an end, and for CODEY STEELE and ROBBY ECHO that meant lying face-down on a living-room rug, their ankles tethered to nearby couches; once more their wrists were tied securely behind their backs while duct-tape over medwrap gags covered their mouths and wound around their heads.

It gets serious as one humiliation follows another!

If someone comes upon him there, bound and helpless, will they help him... [April 4] CODEY STEELE had been having a streak of bad luck lately, but this was kicking it up to an unbelievable level!

She mmphed frantically, but she was unable to warn her boyfriend in time that the intruders were still nearby!

[May 16] Private Investigator JASON GREEN had been having a difficult time in recent months.

Unfortunately, he was interrupted during his escape attempt. [February 21] Download your favorite scenes from our newest video release Roped-Up Robby!

Young businessman Robby Echo is hard at work when a robber desperate to escape invades his office. When the burglar learns that Robby's father is a wealthy executive, he decides to take the unfortunate young man with him.

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