Who is lola luv dating

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Jimmy kisses Angie as part of a tutorial on kissing after passing Art 1, but it is possible for him to go through the entire game without earning Christy's affections.

Jimmy cannot kiss any of the younger girls, although Melody Adams has an obvious crush on him, and Gloria was originally intended to be an older girl.

Presumably, they remain together during Chapter 6, though Zoe (like the other girls) is frequently seen kissing other boys, as all the characters in the game are non-exclusive, as stated above.

Upon passing his first Art class, Jimmy can kiss any of the non-clique female students if he presents the appropriate gift (candy for Eunice, flowers for Christy and Angie), and can kiss them at will upon completing Art.

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Pinky can always be heard cheering Jimmy on during his boxing matches, however, and Jimmy can still kiss her afterward.

However, Jimmy can still kiss her after Chapter 3, if he wishes to do so, as if nothing happened.

Jimmy earned Mandy's affections during Chapter 4 after he cleaned up the dirty posters that Earnest had made in the mission Discretion Assured.

This relationship lasted until the events of Chapter 5 when Gary turned the school against Jimmy.

Lines of dialogue from Mandy indicate that she dumped him because of some things Gary said about him to her.

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