Who is prince harry dating chelsy davy

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But people of course noticed she was in the church, and actually it looked good for both Harry and Meghan that she was there.

"Prince Harry clearly still has a relationship with her, even if it is now a platonic relationship, and that speaks to the character of anybody if they are able to, after a decent break and slight readjustment, still get on with someone who played a major character in their life." Although there was one shot of Chelsy's face where she was looking a bit "horrified" by certain things, she did attend the lunchtime reception, which was more casusal (canapés and guests all standing, says Hanson) where she met Meghan face-to-face.

Sumner, who previously dated actor Russell Brand, met the prince at London's Chinawhite nightclub in 2003 and shared a risqué account of the night with a newspaper that begins, "He made eye contact as I stood at the bar with friends and invited me to join his private table.Zimbabwean-born Chelsy Davy was Prince Harry's first serious girlfriend.The two had a serious—though on-again/off-again—relationship from about 2004 through 2011, during which Davy met the queen and accompanied Harry to his brother's wedding to Kate Middleton.According to the BBC, they split up because Cressida wanted to focus on her acting career, though it was also speculated that the media scrutiny lead for them to end their relationship.Chelsey Davy and Cressida Bonas, two of Prince Harry's most serious ex-girlfriends, have already been spotted at the royal wedding today.

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