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The brother mentioned it in passing after seeing Sam in the window and my guy told me because he knows I’m a fan of the show. It’s an open secret scenario."Another source from Edingburgh:[quote]"Straight woman lurker here and I'm actually embarrassed by the "he's gotta be straight" troll. "More sources:[quote]"I've found DL and this thread when looking for "Sam Heughan gay" probably two years ago. I am an Insider for PR, because that is my job for a long time.I have written about who i know and for what a couple of times here. I know it because coincidentally i am since 35 years in the LBTG world. And no big secret in the community."From thread #27:[quote]"In my opinion and what my gay friends say, who met him, he is a very nice adorable guy. Which have you to think, because he is born 1982, so Hippies time was already done.¯_(ツ)_/¯R23, I think he signed with JA just before the bearding started with MM.She's known to have a little specialty managing PR gay clients (and she herself is gay).Worth taking a look to get the flavor of those days.I'm sure someone (hopefully not a shamzie defending hetero Sam) will chime in with the details of Cody / Abbie / Amy et al.Kind of a blur, clumsily done, which is why JA came on the scene.Well fuckity fuck me, what in the name of all that is good in this world happened to this thread? Helluva lot of "different" perspectives here now eh? when I raised some differences about bearding in US vs UK, and also defended us poor little Scots who were being accused of allowing mullets because apparently we're not that sophisticated. I think, and we'll, nothing's changed[quote]I think because he has never said himself that he has a gf or tagged her in any postings on sm says it all.

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Luke was in there too, until he abruptly shut down his social media. The beard is now hanging out with her friends in Santa Monica. Oh yes, with Greer Grammer (Kelsey's younger daughter; don't forget, he's a nasty Republican). R39 6o be fair, has Greer herself said anything homophobic?

Our darling, Lady Goodman, whose cousin met Sam at the Real Conservatoire of Scotland, posted this interesting info.

Her cousin confirms that Sam is gay:[quote]"I started watching Outlander last year and commented on Facebook how much I enjoyed it. Bit of a risk this late in the game."Lady Goodman wrote:[quote]"I don't have a lot to add that hasn't been said,but all I know is this - The person who told me that Sam is gay, has no skin in the game.

Back then everything was more accessible but once the show premiered. It’s like a protective shield around Sam to help him keep it a secret. More recently, I found out that the brother of my fiance best friend hooked up with Sam in drama school. Not exactly a secret and here's the amazing thing, nobody there gives a shit. Its only the fans in the US that seem to lose their shit about an actor's personal life.

It was in the context of a casual discussion when both the brother and my guy were both in a Barbour store together. For me, Sam's a cute pup but give me some Graham Mc Tavish any day!

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