Windows xp sp3 wireless validating identity

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” Quiz 347 Foundation Topics 350 What Is Storage Virtualization?

24 Benefits of Using Virtual Port Channel 26 Components of v PC 26 v PC Data Plane Operation 29 v PC Control Plane Operation 30 v PC Limitations 31 Configuration Steps of v PC 32 Verification of v PC 33 Fabric Path 34 Spanning Tree Protocol 34 What Is Fabric Path?” Quiz 167 Foundation Topics 171 Operational Planes of a Nexus Switch 171 Data Plane 171 Store-and-Forward Switching 172 Cut-Through Switching 172 Nexus 5500 Data Plane Architecture 172 Control Plane 174 Nexus 5500 Control Plane Architecture 174 Control Plane Policing 176 Control Plane Analyzer 178 Management Plane 178 Nexus Management and Monitoring Features 179 Out-of-Band Management 180 Console Port 181 Connectivity Management Processor 181 Management Port (mgmt0) 182 In-band Management 182 Role-Based Access Control 183 User Roles 183 Rules 184 User Role Policies 184 RBAC Characteristics and Guidelines 184 Privilege Levels 185 Simple Network Management Protocol 185 SNMP Notifications 186 SNMPv3 186 Remote Monitoring 187 RMON Alarms 187 RMON Events 188 Syslog 188 Embedded Event Manager 189 Event Statements 189 Action Statements 189 Policies 190 Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) 190 Smart Call Home 191 Nexus Device Configuration and Verification 192 Perform Initial Setup 192 In-Service Software Upgrade 195 ISSU on the Cisco Nexus 5000 196 ISSU on the Cisco Nexus 7000 197 Important CLI Commands 199 Command-Line Help 199 Automatic Command Completion 200 Entering and Exiting Configuration Context 200 Display Current Configuration 201 Command Piping and Parsing 202 Feature Command 203 Verifying Modules 204 Verifying Interfaces 205 Viewing Logs 207 Viewing NVRAM logs 208 Exam Preparation Tasks 209 Review All Key Topics 209 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 209 Define Key Terms 209 Part I Review 210 Part II Data Center Storage-Area Networking 215 Chapter 6 Data Center Storage Architecture 217 “Do I Know This Already? Control Plane Scalability 248 SAN Topologies 249 Fibre Channel 252 FC-0: Physical Interface 253 FC-1: Encode/Decode 254 Encoding and Decoding 255 Ordered Sets 255 FC-2: Framing Protocol 256 Fibre Channel Service Classes 258 Fibre Channel Flow Control 258 FC-3: Common Services 260 Fibre Channel Addressing 261 Switched Fabric Address Space 262 Fibre Channel Link Services 263 Fibre Channel Fabric Services 265 FC-4: ULPs–Application Protocols 266 Fibre Channel–Standard Port Types 267 Virtual Storage-Area Network 269 Dynamic Port VSAN Membership 271 Inter-VSAN Routing 271 Fibre Channel Zoning and LUN Masking 272 Device Aliases Versus Zone-Based (FC) Aliases 276 Reference List 277 Exam Preparation Tasks 278 Review All Key Topics 278 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 280 Define Key Terms 280 Chapter 7 Cisco MDS Product Family 283 “Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 217 Foundation Topics 220 What Is a Storage Device? 224 How to Access a Storage Device 226 Block-Level Protocols 227 File-Level Protocols 236 Putting It All Together 238 Storage Architectures 238 Scale-up and Scale-out Storage 239 Tiered Storage 239 SAN Design 241 SAN Design Considerations 244 1. Device Performance and Oversubscription Ratios 245 3. ” Quiz 283 Foundation Topics 286 Once Upon a Time There Was a Company Called Andiamo 286 The Secret Sauce of Cisco MDS: Architecture 288 A Day in the Life of a Fibre Channel Frame in MDS 9000 289 Lossless Networkwide In-Order Delivery Guarantee 296 Cisco MDS Software and Storage Services 296 Flexibility and Scalability 296 Common Software Across All Platforms 296 Multiprotocol Support 296 Virtual SANs 297 Intelligent Fabric Applications 297 Network-Assisted Applications 297 Cisco Data Mobility Manager 298 I/O Accelerator 298 XRC Acceleration 299 Network Security 299 Switch and Host Authentication 299 IP Security for FCIP and i SCSI 299 Cisco Trust Sec Fibre Channel Link Encryption 300 Role-Based Access Control 300 Port Security and Fabric Binding 300 Zoning 300 Availability 301 Nondisruptive Software Upgrades 301 Stateful Process Failover 301 ISL Resiliency Using Port Channels 301 i SCSI, FCIP, and Management-Interface High Availability 302 Port Tracking for Resilient SAN Extension 302 Manageability 302 Open APIs 303 Configuration and Software-Image Management 303 N-Port Virtualization 303 Autolearn for Network Security Configuration 304 Flex Attach 304 Cisco Data Center Network Manager Server Federation 304 Network Boot for i SCSI Hosts 304 Internet Storage Name Service 304 Proxy i SCSI Initiator 304 i SCSI Server Load Balancing 305 IPv6 305 Traffic Management 305 Quality of Service 305 Extended Credits 305 Virtual Output Queuing 305 Fibre Channel Port Rate Limiting 306 Load Balancing of Port Channel Traffic 306 i SCSI and SAN Extension Performance Enhancements 306 FCIP Compression 306 FCIP Tape Acceleration 306 Serviceability, Troubleshooting, and Diagnostics 307 Cisco Switched Port Analyzer and Cisco Fabric Analyzer 307 SCSI Flow Statistics 307 Fibre Channel Ping and Fibre Channel Traceroute 307 Call Home 308 System Log 308 Other Serviceability Features 308 Cisco MDS 9000 Family Software License Packages 309 Cisco MDS Multilayer Directors 312 Cisco MDS 9700 312 Cisco MDS 9500 315 Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Components 319 Cisco MDS 9700—MDS 9500 Supervisor and Crossbar Switching Modules 319 Cisco MDS 9000 48-Port 8-Gbps Advanced Fibre Channel Switching Module 322 Cisco MDS 9000 32-Port 8-Gbps Advanced Fibre Channel Switching Module 323 Cisco MDS 9000 18/4-Port Multiservice Module (MSM) 323 Cisco MDS 9000 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Storage Services Node (SSN) Module 324 Cisco MDS 9000 4-Port 10-Gbps Fibre Channel Switching Module 324 Cisco MDS 9000 8-Port 10-Gbps Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCo E) Module 325 Cisco MDS 9700 48-Port 16-Gbps Fibre Channel Switching Module 325 Cisco MDS 9700 48-Port 10-Gbps Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCo E) Module 326 Cisco MDS 9000 Family Pluggable Transceivers 326 Cisco MDS Multiservice and Multilayer Fabric Switches 328 Cisco MDS 9148 329 Cisco MDS 9148S 329 Cisco MDS 9222i 330 Cisco MDS 9250i 332 Cisco MDS Fibre Channel Blade Switches 335 Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager 337 Cisco DCNM SAN Fundamentals Overview 338 DCNM-SAN Server 339 Licensing Requirements for Cisco DCNM-SAN Server 339 Device Manager 339 DCNM-SAN Web Client 340 Performance Manager 340 Authentication in DCNM-SAN Client 341 Cisco Traffic Analyzer 341 Network Monitoring 341 Performance Monitoring 341 Reference List 342 Exam Preparation Tasks 343 Review All Key Topics 343 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 344 Define Key Terms 344 Chapter 8 Virtualizing Storage 347 “Do I Know This Already?” quizzes, which enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section --Part-ending exercises, which help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly --The powerful Pearson IT Certification Practice Testsoftware, complete with hundreds of well-reviewed, exam-realistic questions, customization options, and detailed performance reports --Study plan suggestions and templates to help you organize and optimize your study time --A final preparation chapter that guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your review and test-taking strategies Well regarded for its level of detail, study plans, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this official study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that ensure your exam success.The official study guide helps you master topics on the CCNA Data Center DCICT 640-916 exam, including --Cisco data center concepts: architectures, devices, layers, modular design, v PC, Fabric Path, Cisco Nexus switches, and more --Data center unified fabric: FCo E, multihop, VIFs, FEX, and setup --Storage networking: concepts, targets, verification, connectivity, zoning, setup, and configuration --Data center virtualization: servers, devices, and Nexus 1000V, including setup and operations --Cisco Unified Computing: concepts, discovery, connectivity, setup, and UCSM --Data center network services: ACE load balancing, virtual context, HA, management, global/local solutions, and WAAS The CD-ROM contains more than 450 practice questions for the exam, memory table exercises and answer keys, and a study planner tool.

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