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It's the shorter, smarter and easier to remember alternative to a uk and it is set to quickly become the new standard for UK based websites.A is your perfect extension if you're looking to show visitors that you or your business are located in the UK..It is the online space where possibility meets opportunity, where people can bring their ideas to life and where the world's next great enterprises are making a home. It gives you a second opportunity to grab a short and memorable web address that ends in Associated globally with the words "COmpany," "COrporation" and "COmmerce" - the . Along with and .net, is one of the original global domain names.Ruhr domains..academy is a great choice for teachers, schools, universities, training institutions, recruiters and anyone else who enjoys sharing knowledge and educational content online.

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For instance, you could have an alternative to or similar.

And everything can be updated instantly, so people can always access your latest details.

When choosing a name to register please be aware that a domain cannot be 3 numbers and it has to include at least one character.is a multi-purpose domain.

For instance, if your name, company name or the term you want to register ends in .me, you can use the extension as part of the word.

So instead of registering you could simply register

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