World dating series

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Feeny, always there to spout wisdom to Cory, Eric, his parents, or whoever else might need it. Originally a free-spirited Granola Girl in Cory's class, she develops into his nerdy love interest and eventual wife.

The show added several more characters to the main cast as it went along, including Cool Teacher Mr.

It includes a lot of Lampshade Hanging and fourth-wall breaching.

It lasted from September 1993 to May 2000, producing a total of 158 episodes over seven seasons.

They've never even won a Series game, getting swept by the White Sox in 2005 in their only previous appearance.

It also defied the usual Status Quo is God edicts of its brand of sitcom, preferring instead to chronicle Cory's journey to adulthood in something approaching real time, with him starting a new grade each season, and eventually moving on to college and married life.Dallas Keuchel (14-5, 2.90) will be the starting pitcher for the Astros, while Clayton Kershaw (18-4, 2.31) will start for the Dodgers.Here's what you need to know: Who: Houston Astros (AL) vs.Cory's best friend, Shawn, lives in a trailer park and has eternal problems with his father.Living next street over from and sharing a fence with the Matthews is Cory's teacher Mr.

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